10 Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

Posted on March 1, 2018 in Money Saving Tips, Insurance Tips, Auto Insurance,

The overall cost of owning and driving a car keeps increasing, but one way to provide some relief for your wallet is to lower your auto insurance premium. These 10 easy steps will help you do just that.

  1. Buy a low-risk car. Some cars cost more to insure than others. Cars that have a higher market value will obviously add to your premium payments, but other factors such as the type of car, and size of engine can have an impact as well. In general, sports cars and cars with more powerful motors cost more to insure. Vehicles that are more likely to be stolen also increase premiums. You can lower your premiums by opting to install safety features, like alarm systems, on your car.
  2. Purchase multiple policies with the same insurance company. Many insurance companies offer a discount to customers who have more than one policy, such as home and auto insurance, with them.
  3. Drive less often. Some auto insurance companies give discounts to drivers who drive less than the average person. Consider carpooling as a way to cut back on your mileage.
  4. Drive safely. Discounts are usually given for those with a clear driving record.
  5. Take a defensive driving course. Taking such a course will usually qualify you for a direct discount, and it will also help keep your driving record free of accidents.
  6. Ask your insurance company. There may be many types of discounts available that you qualify for. It never hurts to ask. If you have a policy through Assure America call us at 304-723-4600.
  7. Improve or maintain your credit score. There is a correlation between credit scores and safe drivers. Because of this, insurance companies are usually willing to give a discount to those with good credit scores.
  8. Increase your deductible. This is a great option if you regularly keep enough money set aside to cover the higher deductible.
  9. Take advantage of group discounts through organizations you may belong to, such as an alumni association or credit union.
  10. Update your information with your car insurance company. Because of changing situations in your life, you may be eligible for discounts. Make sure that your insurance company knows about it.


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