The VIEW Program

A business-to-business community development program sponsored by Assure America.

What is VIEW?

VIEW stands for Vision Improvement Endowment for West Virginia. Established and sponsored by Assure America Corp., the VIEW program is a philanthropic initiative that makes $25,000 available in matching grants to fund eligible projects.

Business districts serve as valuable hubs for community members to dine, shop, gather and work. The intention of the VIEW program is to improve the perception of these business districts and instill a sense of community pride by making meaningful physical improvements.

The VIEW program was inspired by New York City’s dramatic improvements to communities in the 1980s that began with focusing on minor building and community issues. The theory behind New York’s initiative was that neglecting small problems in a community sends a negative message to residents, visitors and business owners about the overall state and worth of a community. By fixing broken windows, cleaning up litter and addressing other small-scale issues, the initiative led to more investments in larger community improvements.

What improvement projects are eligible?

The main focus of the VIEW program is to provide incentives for businesses to upgrade or maintain their physical property. Since the program is meant to be innovative, there are no formal guidelines for projects.

Examples may include:

  • Landscaping and weed control
  • Paint
  • Litter/garbage cleanup
  • Masonry work
  • New signage
  • Fencing

The only guidance regarding project criteria is:

  • Does the project improve the image of the community to outsiders?
  • Will the project inspire others to make similar improvements?

How can businesses apply for the program?

Participating businesses are asked to complete short application (below) describing the improvement project. In order to be eligible, a business must be located in a designated business district and agree to provide 50 percent of the project costs, up to $1,000. The maximum project award will be $1,000. All funding will be made on an expense reimbursement basis, and eligible projects must be completed within 90 days of approval.


Notice: The VIEW program is a business-to-business community development program sponsored by Assure America Corp. All program funding is made on a reimbursement of expenses basis, and the business applicant assumes all responsibility for any liability associated with the project. Assure America assumes no liability, responsibility or warranties for any actions or events resulting from the completion of the project. Projects in progress and completed are not eligible for this program. This program is not offered as an inducement, request or offer of insurance through Assure America.