With hail season upon us, it’s important to be aware of unscrupulous out-of-town contractors soliciting to view your roof and home exterior.

The goal of these vendors is to promote damage and secure a written agreement to repair undamaged property or property suffering from normal wear and tear. The contractors usually complete the sales process under the idea that the cost will be taken care of by insurance, which when declined by the carrier leaves the homeowner bound to hire the contractor and responsible for the entire contract cost. This cost can be in the thousands, and failure to pay will result in a lien against your home and subsequent legal action. In addition, some contractors will start the process and never return to finish.

Here are three simple rules to follow:

  1. Never allow soliciting vendors access to your roof.
  2. Never sign a written agreement without consulting your lawyer.
  3. Always seek out a qualified local contractor and secure two estimates.