Insurance FAQS


What kinds of questions will I be expected to answer when I am applying for an insurance policy? Why do insurers need so much information?

What are the advantages to using an agent to purchase insurance?


I have an older car whose current market value is very low – do I really need to purchase automobile insurance?

What is the difference between collision physical damage coverage and comprehensive physical damage coverage?

What factors can affect the cost of my automobile insurance?


What are some practical things I can do to lower the cost of my homeowners insurance?

What does homeowners insurance cover?

What is the difference between “actual cash value” and “replacement cost?”

What factors should I consider when purchasing homeowners insurance?

What are the policy limits (also called coverage limits) in a standard homeowners policy?

Where and when is my personal property covered?

Life Insurance

How much life insurance should an individual own?

What about purchasing life insurance on a spouse or children?

Should I purchase term insurance or cash value life insurance?

How does mortgage protection term insurance differ from other types of term life insurance?

Can an existing life insurance policy be used to provide for the repayment of an outstanding mortgage loan?

Is credit life insurance a good buy?

Renters Insurance

Why would I want to buy renters insurance?

How does a renters policy protect my personal property?

Why do some apartment complexes require tenants to have renters insurance?

What if I share my apartment with a roommate? Do we both need to have renters insurance?

Umbrella Insurance

What is a personal umbrella liability policy?

How do I know if I need a personal umbrella liability policy?