How to Choose a Life Insurance Beneficiary

Choosing a beneficiary depends largely on how you’d like your life insurance to be used upon your death. If you have young children, naming a spouse or close family member you trust as your beneficiary and memorializing your wishes may be one way to provide for your children’s care in your absence.

A Q&A with Life Insurance Awareness Month Spokesperson Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick — the most successful female driver in the history of racing — is returning this month as the spokesperson for the Life Insurance Awareness Month campaign. Patrick said in a recent interview that the topic of life insurance rarely comes up when she’s with her friends and that she rarely notices commercials from life insurers when she’s watching TV. She said she thinks most people need to make getting life insurance in place part of an overall planning strategy, so they get the job done and have a policy in place if the worse happens.

“It’s the one if you need it, you need it the most,” Patrick said.

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