16 Ways to Beat Cabin Fever

Posted on March 20, 2020 in Safety,

Need to break up the day? Here are some fresh ideas to help you and the whole family beat cabin fever!

  1. Break out a good book. For helpful suggestions and reviews, check out a website like goodreads.com.
  2. Start a new hobby. A few ideas include knitting, stained glass, Soduku and fiction writing.
  3. Try a new recipe.
  4. Start scrapbooking.
  5. Do a puzzle. It’s a little old-school, but still fun.
  6. Pull out some old board games or a pack of cards.
  7. Engage in some spring cleaning.
  8. Rearrange your furniture. Sometimes a few moves is all it takes to make your place look new.
  9. Tackle a home improvement project.
  10. Play charades.
  11. Have a movie and popcorn night. Dig out an old favorite, or stream or rent something new.
  12. Research your family history and create a family tree.
  13. Write a letter to touch base with an old friend or family member. Everyone loves getting an actual letter that’s not a bill or solicitation.
  14. Watch the newest season of your favorite TV show.
  15. Go for a walk, even a 15-minute one.
  16. Journal your thoughts and daily happenings. One day you can share your memoirs with your grandchildren.

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