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Posted on June 3, 2019 in Safety,

It doesn’t get much better than having a swimming pool in the summer. But as great as lounging in the pool is, it doesn’t come without its responsibilities.

Most would agree the greatest responsibility pool owners have is keeping children safe when they go swimming. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that children ages 1 through 4 are the ones who have the greatest risk of drowning. In most of these cases, the children slipped into the pool without anyone noticing them.

That’s not the only danger at the pool, however. Older children and even adults can be hurt as well, not only by drowning, but also by slipping and falling on wet surfaces. Here are some safety measures you can take to help prevent these potential tragedies from happening:

  • Install a fence with a lockable gate around the pool that’s at least 4-feet tall.
  • When no one is using the pool, remove all accessories (including ladders, toys, flotation devices, etc.), and put a hard cover over the pool. The cover will prevent children from falling into the pool, as well as keep debris out.
  • Make sure a responsible adult is always watching children while they are in the pool. Never leave them unsupervised.
  • Provide life vests or floaties to adults or children that cannot swim.
  • Establish swimming safety rules, make a sign with the rules compiled on it, and place it somewhere near the pool so everyone can see it. Enforce those rules at all times, whether you’re dealing with your immediate family members or guests.
  • Make sure everyone in the house has taken first aid and CPR classes.
  • Invest in a motion-activated alarm that goes off when someone unexpectantly enters the pool. This is particularly useful if you’re inside the house.
  • If you have young children, install a back door alarm so you’ll be alerted if they slip out without you noticing.
  • According the CDC, alcohol is a factor in half of all swimming pool drowning deaths for teenagers and adults. Therefore, it may be a good idea to limit the amount of alcohol intake for everyone when you’re hanging around your pool.

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Source: https://www.erieinsurance.com/blog/backyard-safety-pools


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